Raviolificio Lo Scoiattolo, leader in its sector, starts its adventure in the world of fresh pasta in 1983 by the works of spouses Tino and Ebe.

The brand name was created one day in the mountains after having seen a family of squirrels, they were simple and close knit, just like Tino and Ebe’s family.

The arrival of the second generation, daughters and husbands alike, brings a precious contribution to the company that will materialize throughout the years.

The real breakthrough comes with the company’s choice to shape its brand on INNOVATION and QUALITY.  Therefore, unique new shapes and stuffings are born and raw materials are chosen and selected carefully to better convey the authenticity of the company.

The Parmesan Perline (Perline al Parmigiano Reggiano) become the company’s first real distinctive product. In this way, Raviolificio Lo Scoiattolo starts to amaze and attract its customers.

Positive feedback and the good work done over the years bring to a complete industrialization of the production process, to an increase in production lines and to a substantial increase of productive capacity.

The company starts to expand gradually until finally settling its plant in Lonate Ceppino (Varese), in a building of 12,000 square meters.

Every aspect of the company’s growth bring lo Scoiattolo to the international market, where it is recognized and appreciated as the real made in Italy, a winner for its taste, originality and authenticity.

Corporate values are passed on with the same passion to the third generation, that with its entrance in the company in the last few years, brings a wave of encouragement and enthusiasm.

In 2012, the entrance of the Quadrivio fund in the company has allowed Lo Scoiattolo to plan its expansion in  the italian and international market, facilitating its growth and allowing the company to experiment on new products without ever reducing its quality.

Since 2014 Scoiattolo dedicates itself study and realize healthy products, bringing on the table health and taste.

In 2016 arises the collaboration with Marco Bianchi, science communicator for Umberto Veronesi Foundation and cook for passion. From the 4-handed study arise the products “I belli e buoni di Marco Bianchi”, that can produce macronutrients and satisfy completely the taste.