Perline Parmigiano filled with pumpkin,chiodini mushrooms and chestnut sauce

  • 1 package of Perline Parmigiano Reggiano cheese
  • 1 small slice of pumpkin
  • 1 handful of chiodini mushrooms
  • 10 chestnuts already cooked
  • Parmigiano Reggiano cheese
  • 30 gr of butter
  • sage
  • pepper
  • salt
Cook perline in salty water. stew the chiodini mushrooms for few minutes and put them aside. Clean the pumpkin and cut it in cubes. Melt the butter in a wide pan and, at the same moment that it begins to sizzle, add some sage leafs. Then add the pumpkin cubes and the chiodini, possibly unifying some spoons of water. Cook it for 5-6 minutes or until the pumpkin will be soft. unite the chestnuts. put salt in the dish. drain the perline and fry pumpkin and mushrooms in the pan. Remove it from the burner. Complete the dish with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.
Cooking time:
15 minutes

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