The Armonia line – “I belli e buoni di Marco Bianchi”, designed by Lo Scoiattolo together with the scientist chef – changes its name and replaces the third reference Pesto Rosso with the novelty “Organic-Vegan Girasoli Broccoli, Olives and Spinach”.

And who said that vegan and organic products are synonymous of sadness and tasteless food? Scoiattolo – the fresh pasta, since 2015, has decided to overcome this cliché. The pasta factory from Varese was in fact the first to undertake, in 2015, an important challenge: launching tasty and inviting vegan products, capable of not compromising the goodness of the outcome.

Developed together with the scientific communicator and food mentor Marco Bianchi, products from the line “Vegetali – Bio” are made with simple and healthy ingredients. Ravioli by Scoiattolo are naturally vegan: only vegetable ingredients are used for their production, no presence of lactose or animal derivatives. No tofu and seitan included, only a lot of fresh vegetables and delicious legumes, simple raw materials able to surprise you at every bite. Vegan and Organic ravioli are characterized by a creamy and abundant filling, each bite will be an explosion of taste in your mouth.


A tasty novelty
Together with the name switch (from “Armonia – I belli e buoni di Marco Bianchi” to “Vegetali-Bio”) comes the launch of a new image (both in packaging and communication); the reference “Red pesto” has been also replaced by the new Girasoli Organic – Vegan Broccoli, Olives and Spinach. A delicious recipe that will tempt you. The product will be available on the Online Shop and in the best supermarkets starting from the first week of July. Check out our web site to know which is the closest shop next to you: (


Ravioli from the “Vegetali-Bio” line ( are delicious and super tasty, starting from their pastry. Scoiattolo – the fresh pasta uses just durum wheat and buckwheat (for this line), which give the product a roughness able to amaze in taste and to bind well to each seasoning. Once you have discovered the goodness of the pastry, you will therefore only have to choose the filling. In fact, in addition to the great novelty of Broccoli, Olives  and Spinach, you can also try the great classics of the line, such as the Girasoli with “Legumes, Chickpeas and Lentils”, slowly braised with oil exclusively within the kitchen of Scoiattolo.This cooking procedure grants the product a unique and superlative taste.For those who love the flavor of the vegetable garden we offer the “Girasoli with Grilled Vegetable” stuffed with aubergines, courgettes, peppers, sun-dried tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil. Vegetali-Bio ravioli are a source of fiber and a tasty solution bringing you the benefits of nature through a healthy meal.

#GIVEMEFIVE – Ready in just 5 minutes
Good, healthy and smart. Ravioli by Scoiattolo – the Fresh Pasta are very quick to prepare. They can either be boiled in hot and salted water (2/3 minutes) or cooked directly in a pan with some oil, 200 ml of water and a pinch of salt. After 5 minutes the water will be totally evaporated and you will have just to taste them with your favorite seasoning. Quite easy, isn’t it? #GIVEMEFIVE, not a minute more. Healthy eating has never been so simple and cool.

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