Organic ravioli from the “Kids Line” developed by
Scoiattolo – La pasta fresca and Marco Bianchi, become “incredible” even on the outside, for the release of the awaited Disney * Pixar movie

Varese, 6 September 2018 – Scoiattolo – la pasta fresca rides the Disney * Pixar movie events and, for the joy of children, catapults its consumers (young and not) into the magical world of The Incredibles 2. The occasion is the return at the cinema – on September 19th- of the most beloved family of superheroes.
The Organic Ravioli from the “Kids Line”, primary addressed to children and their nutritional needs, but tasty for the whole family, change their outfit and become “Incredible” even on the outside. A new look, same content: Organic Raggi di Sole from the Kids line, designed by Scoiattolo – La pasta fresca together with the food mentor Marco Bianchi. To make this launch even more special, Disney Italy brings to the line the joy and fun of its characters.
The new Limited edition range created by the Italian “Raviolificio” will be available in the largest supermarkets until the end of November 2018 (list available on and on https: //shop.loscoiattolo. it /.

The Incredibles 2 – limited edition

A sweet explosion of delicious vegetables. The bronze drawn dough, without eggs, is made of durum wheat semolina, buckwheat and turmeric, which gives a funny and 100% natural color to the dough. The creamy filling (48% on the total) hosts the sweetness of pumpkins, carrots and Italian honey. Important benefits are brought at nutritional level: our organic Pumpik&Carrots ravioli are a source of fiber and vitamin A, which contributes to normal metabolism of iron and to the good function of the immune system.

Pizza taste for delicious and balanced organic ravioli. The bronze drawn dough, without eggs, is made of durum wheat semolina, buckwheat and sweet paprika, which gives an explosion of natural color to the dough. The filling (48% on the total), is made of dry tomatoes, tomato paste and mozzarella. Important benefits are brought at nutritional level: our organic Tomato&Mozzarella ravioli are a source of fiber, low in sugar and a source of phosphorus, which contributes to the growth of bones and teeth.

ORGANIC RAVIOLI “TOMATO AND MOZZARELLA” and ORGANIC RAVIOLI “PUMPKIN AND CARROTS” are the result of the precious collaboration with The Walt Disney Company, committed, since 2006, in promoting a healthy and funny life style through its movies and characters. The collaboration between Disney Italia and Scoiattolo – la pasta fresca Kids Line – respects those premises. Every pack comes with one of the 13 collectible stickers (5 of them super special vintage edition); the packaging is designed to encounter the interest of the little ones encouraging healthy life habits. That’s also the main focus of the educational event “The Incredible Ingredients: let’s play shopping” hosted on the 30thSeptember in Milan; the event, promoted by Scoiattolo – la pasta fresca, aims in creating concrete activities in sensitize consumers to correct food habits. A full immersion entirely dedicated to the little ones and their parents who will have the chance to meet and greet Marco Bianchi, the famous food mentor. The event will be divided into two phases: the ludic and educational laboratory (limited number) and the tasting (open to everybody from 17.00).

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Disney cooking contest

Until 30thSeptember 2018 it’s easy to have fun with Disney and try your luck at the same time.  By purchasing a pack of Organic Ravioli Kids Line and keeping the receipt, you will be able to join the Disney Kitchen Competition and win many fantastic prizes. For more info, go to the website

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