In addition to the fresh Noodles, Lo Scoiattolo is now introducing two new types of oriental ravioli: “Duck & Orange” and “Chicken in Teriyaki sauce”.

Live your Home Fusion Experience with “Lo Scoiattolo fresh pasta”.

Varese, 20th of June 2018 – In need for a Japanese style dinner, sitting on a tatami with a pair chopstick in your hand? If you are dreaming of oriental flavors you do not need to go to the restaurant: “Scoiattolo the fresh pasta” brings the best fusion experience directly at your home.


Since few days on Esselunga’s shelves, in addition to the fresh Noodles, you can find the new Oriental Ravioli by Lo Scoiattolo: the perfect filled fresh pasta for your Home Fusion Experience. Oriental ravioli are available in two variants: “Duck & Orange” and “Chicken in Teriyaki sauce”, both of them ready in just 3 minutes. These are the first fresh Asian Ravioli available on the shelves of the Mass retailers and prepared with high quality raw materials, following ad hoc procedures. Delicious and super tasty, they are prepared respecting the use of Asian traditional ingredients, with a touch of Italian mastery.

A great excuse to drive, even the most reluctant ones, to the fantastic world of fusion cuisine, as well as to grab the opportunity for a funny and tasty dinner with friends.

How to prepare them at home? Lo Scoiattolo Oriental ravioli are very quick to prepare and they are perfect for a final brazing, which makes them crunchy and delicious.

Ideally you should first boil them in a pot with salted water for 2/3 minutes, drain them and place them in a non-stick pan, with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil (spacing them well). At this point, wait for them to get gold and crispy on both sides (about 2/3 minutes per side) and serve them with a choice of fusion sauces such as: Teriyaki, sweet and sour or soy sauce.


A pop Company. Lo Scoiattolo is the result of thirty years of history in the fresh pasta segment; an ambitious but above all innovative project. In these years the company has evolved, always keeping up with the times. Communication and graphics are totally new; the packaging has been completely renewed to better express the concepts the company wants to convey and, above all, to address a new type of consumer: young, smart, curious and a citizen of the world.

Gathering around the table becomes a playful moment and a sharing experience; because of that, once you will find yourself in front of your delicious dish of Oriental ravioli, don’t forget to take a photo and share it on your favorite social networks; remember to use the hashtag #homefusionexperience and #scoiattolopasta and tag @scoiattolo_lapastafresca on IG and FB.

Fusion cooking has never been so practical, fast and above all Pop.

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